Rocky Ridge Session 1 Day 6

This morning we went on a scavenger hunt for bugs and salamanders at adventure craft, it was so scary but at the same time exciting!  This afternoon the kids made some funny paintings and played with clay!! Our favorite moment of the day is when we all made it across the peanut butter pit without falling off at project adventure.  Later on in the day we had a lot of fun because Nick our counselor created a really cool game for all of us called, take it back. It got pretty competitive and it was really fun. Today our kind moment of the day  goes out to Anna who ran all the way from our site to Edwards house to grab Gordon‘s hat that he left behind. Thank you Anna!  Something funny that happened today was when Nate M. and Chris L. Put on a funny reenactment of a scene from Incredibles 2!  Thanks for the good laugh!! Tomorrow is town pride day, so represent your town!!!

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