Rocky Ridge Session 1 Day 5

This morning we got to hang out with the awesome Athletics Director that our counselors grew up with… Tom Woods. He took us back to the days before Gaga Ball and 9 Squared ruled camp and showed us how to play Nitro Ball! We headed up to the woods and were surprised with S’mores from Jason. He built us a nice fire for us to roast our marshmallows on. We had some more fun food afterwards because today was cookout day. We had some yummy hot dogs and hamburgers with salad! Favorite moment of the day was when we all were hanging out in between Adventure Craft and Lunch at our site where we took time to build forts and play games with our counselors. It wasn’t planned but it was very fun! Have a nice weekend! Our brave camper of the day was Julia, who slipped and fell during the heated game of nitro ball. We all rushed over to comfort her and were met with laughter! The kind moment of the day was when AnnMarie decided to give her S’more to her friend who burnt hers because she was not hungry.

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