Rocky Ridge Session 1 Day 4

This morning, due to the rain, we had many indoor activities! We played board games, card games, learned survival methods, and did some arts and crafts! The kids made friendship bracelets, gimp key chains, and painted at arts and crafts. The special day today was Camouflage Day! The kids and counselors dressed up in their best green outfits and camouflage styles! The favorite moment of the day was playing the card game, Bus Stop, during 1620. John from the pool led us all in a laughter-filled game of deceiving poker faces and determination to get rid of all of our cards! Tomorrow is Cookout day. The kids do not have to bring a lunch. We will go to our sites and be given burgers, hot dogs, potato chips, and salad! After lunch, we will make ice cream sundaes! Awesome camper shout-out to Nora who came to camp with a full face of camo face paint! Today during 1620, we all took place in a game of Bus Stop. John from the pool was an expert at the game and caught Lily in many “peanut butters” or lies! Allison won the game and got rid of all of her cards first, but John still tried to call Bus Stop on her!

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