Rocky Ridge Session 1 Day 1

We had a great morning getting to know each other. Friends were reunited, new friendships were forged and we all dusted off the lyrics of the camp song for our opening ceremony. Today we visited our site and began cleaning it. We raked leaves, mold tree debris, and even set up a canopy to protect us from the sun and rain. We look forward to building forts and making plenty of memories at good ole Rocky Ridge.  Today was Welcome To PDC day. We circled around and got to know our staff members, Nick, Jason, and Kayla. We set group expectations for how we are to conduct ourselves to ensure that we as fun and safe of a summer as possible. Our favorite moment of the day was when we went to PA with Eric and did the wall. We all helped lift and spot each other up and over the wall. IT was a great team building activity and we learned to trust our fellow campers and counselors. Tomorrow is earth day, we will be having Dirt Desert which includes pudding, gummy worms, crushed Oreo (feel free to inquire at the office about specifics). Our brave camper shoutout of the day goes to Ema, who did not feel like climbing over the wall but was able to find trust in her campers and counselors. She approached the wall and trusted the technique her and her campers were told and scaled the wall! A kind moment of the day that we witnessed was when Nate agreed to not open up any of his snacks at lunch so he could sit and eat with his buddy that has an allergy. He saved the snacks for later and chose to eat them instead of the popsicles we give the group at the end of every day.  Today Gordon found a frog in the campsite while we were cleaning up and our Adventure Craft Specialist educated everyone on where frogs like to be found and released, as well as their “defense” against predators. We all sanitized our hands after.

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