Quarry Hill Session 1 Day 3

One thing we did this morning was make s’mores at adventure craft. The kids made coasters at Arts and Crafts.Today the special day was tie dye day. My favorite moment of the day was when we all played Gaga ball as a group with our extra time after lunch. The special day tomorrow is camo day. The brave campers of the day are Olivia and Emily for catching a daddy long leg at adventure craft with the bug vaccum. The kind moment of the day was when Kellen gave his extra white t shirt to Tia to tie dye because she forgot one. Something funny that happened today was when Asher tried to be sneaky at s’mores when he said he didn’t get one but there was marshmallow and chocolate all over his face.

It will be VERY rainy tomorrow. Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear. If it doesn’t thunder or lightening then we try to play out in the rain as much as we can.

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