Quarry Hill Session 1 Day 2

One thing we did this morning was clean our site with Jason at adventure craft for Earth Day. The kids made clay pottery using the wheel that they will decorate and paint of Friday.The special day was Earth Day and we had dirt dessert after lunch to celebrate. Favorite moment of the day was how all the campers worked together to clean the site as a team. Tomorrow’s special day is Tie Dye Day, bring in a white shirt if you’d like to participate. Brave camper shoutout goes to Xavier for making all new friends at his first day of camp. The kind moment of the day was when Cole Triompo volunteered to go to Arts before sports when no one else wanted to go. The funny story of the day was when we stopped at 1620 to go to tre bathroom and kids were standing under a tree waiting. Until the kids looked up at saw so many gypsy catapillers living in the tree!

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