Plymouth House Session 4 Day 4

Plymouth House went to music and paraded around the middle level with a variety of instruments. Some kids had sticks , drums, triangles etc. Then we played a game of wizards, giants, elves. Plymouth house colored some fashionable hats or small tote bags in arts and crafts today. Today was crazy hat and sock day! The campers looked great! Some kids had great pig tails, braids and those great colors. I sported some blue hair with Wyatt while others had amazing purple or green hair. Best part of the day was watching all the kids admire each others hair or crazy socks! I felt the need to wear my holiday socks…It reminded me of colder weather. Tomorrow is cookout day! Hot dogs, burgers, chips, salad and a drink. Shout out to Leila for showing me her amazing swimming under the water! Ollie for also showing me your swimming skills. Thank you Amayla and Lyla for keeping our campsite looking great! I am very amazing at all our campers swimming skills really improving. I love watching all the gets ability to float on their backs and jump into the pool.

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