Plymouth House Session 4 Day 3

WE searched for fun treasures today. Many campers found nteresting shaped rocks and sticks. Some campers even brought in their own pirate gold coins to look at. The campers came up with a dance routine to go along with our dance party before we went to out last swim of the day! Today was pirate day! The kind pirates left clues for our campers to search for the hidden treasure! They looked near the popsicle tree but not there..then they raced back Edwards House and as luck would have there was a bag of goodies for all the campers to share….good thing noone had to walk the plank! These pirates were nice and kind . Answering questions all about pirates and what they are like? Do they like popsicles? Can they swim? Are they real? What is a plank? All great questions. Tomorrow is crazy socks and hair day!! So go crazy..mix up those socks. Shout out to Madison! Great job going under the water today!

So Plymouth house campers were very interested in making pirates walk the plank especially if they were not nice ones. They all agreed that the water should be very cold . But I think once they saw the goodies these pirates left they changed their mind.

All Plymouth campers for wishing Payton and James M a very happy birthday!!!!

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