Plymouth House Session 4 day 2

Plymouth had a relaxing tractor ride followed by an archery lesson. What great aim thesee campers have. The Plymouth house made speed and magic on the slip and slide today. Wow did they have incredible speed but what a way to beat the heat! Better wet then sweat!! Today was wet fun today. We had extra swim in the morning and this afternoon. We had a blast going down the slip and slide.They enjoyed being sprayed with cool water as they went down the slide into a lagoon of cool water. Watching all the Plymouth house kids laughing their heads off going down the slip and slide! Followed by an assortment of delicious popsicles! Tomorrow at camp is Pirate Day! We can look for buried treasure..maybe even in the pool. Brave shout out to Madison who showed me an amazing head under the water! Wow! Good for you! A shout out to Rose and Milo for doing a great job cleaning up after lunch…with noone asking them to. Great job!

So Plymouth group learned that yesterday was Allen’s birthday and we were not aware of it. So today as each camper got off the tractor we tried to all wish Allen a very happy birthday! He is our tractor driver and Plymouth house is so grateful for him.

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