Plymouth House Session 4 Day 1

Today was meet campers day! Welcome all campers. Some campers have been here before and some are new ! I hope you all had a fun filled day here at camp.Double swim this afternoon to beat the heat!! Plymouth group participated in several athletic games today. The parachute, bowling and scoopers with balls.! Such great coordination these kids have!! Plymouth group went to arts and crafts today and made adorable chicks. They used plastic cups, yellow tissue paper, google eyes and felt! Nice job by all. Watching every camper from Plymouth get into the pool and watch the heat just burn way! also popsicles are always a big hit but today was extra welcoming because of the heat. Brave shout out to Antonella for showing me how she put her entire head under the water!!!!

A funny thing that happened today was when James C. and I were scooping the balls in athletics today and James threw me some really nice throws..yet I just kept missing them. So he says Susanna why don’t you just jump use my scooper…It worked!!

Tomorrow is water fun day!! Slip and slides to beat the heat!! Pheww can’t wait!!

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