Plymouth House Session 4 8/16

Plymouth house made puppets with awesome colors on it at arts and crafts today. We also made magic candles with also a nice variety of colors.The kids made beautiful music together today…we practiced our song several times. It is really all coming together so nicely. We played on the water slide today and enjoyed some popsicles as it became hotter as they day went on. Listening to all Plymouth house campers and staff sing our entire song this morning. I am sending home a copy of the lyrics is they want to practice at home. Tomorrow is the last day of camp! I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone!! I had a fabulous time and truly enjoyed playing with all your children!! Shout out to all my plymouth campers for going down the water slide even if you thought it might be too cold.. Thank you Xavier for for being my door holder! I appreciate the help!!

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