Plymouth House Session 4 8/14

Plymouth house took a tractor ride up to the woods for a special surprise with Hearth and Pilgrim house.  Today was country western day! Loved all the cowboy and cowgirl hats and outfits today…Great job! Listening to Ethan tell me how much he loves country music…Mine too! He also is a big fan of Kenny Chesney!!! Tomorrow is Earth day. Enjoy all the earth has to offer…. Shout out to Kristina and Scarlett for singing our Plymouth song so loud and proud today! We are practicing our song everyday. Parents can feel free to hear us on Friday at 9.30 at Edwards house.. Tessa and Lizzie waiting for each other to get into the pool…realizing it wasn’t has cold as they thought. Plymouth was so flexible when it down poured and had to change their plans…we had a dance party and used connecting beads until afternoon swim.

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