Plymouth House Session 4 8/13

Plymouth house enjoyed a tractor ride up and around the camp..this kept us dry. We also participated in athletics and learned how to throw a frisbee. In arts and crafts we made sun ornaments with beautiful colored paints. It might take until tomorrow to dry due to the lack of sun today. Welcome new campers and welcome campers who have been here before. Despite the rain this afternoon some of Plymouth campers still wanted to swim..water was warm the air a little chilly. Tomorrow get your cowboy hats ready and join us for country western day! Calling all cowgirls and cowboys! We will also be listen to country music! Great job Madison for trying out the pool this morning! Lyla thank you for grabbing some extra trash at our tent today! Always so helpful. Thank you Scarlett and Emily for teaching us the song “True” on our tractor today!!!

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