Plymouth House Session 3 Day 3

This morning we rode the tractor with Alan! Plymouth house was super excited to see Alan after he missed Monday and Tuesday because he was in New York. The kids made s’mores today at Adventure Craft! After we made our delicious treats over the camp fire, we sat back and listened to a classic story for Nature John. The special day today was Fiesta Day! We cracked open a piñata and enjoyed chips with salsa at snack! The favorite moment of the day was sharing lunch with Block Hill and Pilgrim House due to the wind stealing our lunch tent! The special day tomorrow is Favorite Sports Team Day! Dress up in your favorite jersey and team garb! Elsa and James get the brave camper shout out today for helping to clean up Alan’s tractor of the candy wrappers after we chowed down on our sugary treats from the piñata! The kind moment of the day today was when everyone in Plymouth house shared bowls of salsa at snack! We had a great time learning to share our food and getting to know new friends. Today we had double swim due to the warm weather! We got extra time to go up to the 1620 house after lunch and have some free time to play with the games and bikes at upper!

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