Plymouth House Session 3 Day 2

This morning we danced with ribbons at Activities With Michelle! Annabelle had the time of her life with her favorite colored ribbons! At Arts and Crafts with Michelle Kostiw we made photo frames with old-fashioned stickers and some fancy jewels and buttons!  At swim today we learned to swim with our mouths in the water with Lifeguard Barb! Jacob did a fantastic job and showed off his skills during free swim! The special day today was Tattoo Tuesday! We rocked our favorite animals on our hands. The special day tomorrow is Fiesta Day! Wear your favorite fiesta clothes and get ready for some fun with a piñata! The brave camper shout out of the day goes to Bria for saving the trashcan that blew away with the wind! The kind moment of the day was when Oliver shared an apple with Elsa and counselor Anna at lunch when Elsa was a little sad.

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