Plymouth House Session 3 8/2

Plymouth house played feed the hungry hippo game. All 4 Olympic teams raced eachother to see who ended up with the most food for their hippo.All teams were excited to carry one then two balls at a time. The campers was tested their athletic skills at the obstacle course bouncy house today. They went through tunnels, climbed walls and slid down to the finish. After obstacle course the campers cooled off in the pool. Amazing and refreshing it felt. Today was Tropical day today! We felt we were in the tropics with this weather but it was nice cooling off in the pool today. Favorite moment was watching campers Jase and Cooper jump into the pool to make big splashes!I also enjoyed Milo and Logan A. talk among themselves about today was a special full day for them!! So glad you boys were here for full day!! Tomorrow is the one and only Olympic Day!! Please wear your countries color. A note was sent home yesterday regarding which group and color your camper was in. Brave shout out to Annabella for doing an amazing job at the bouncy house obstacle course! You have some great athletic skills…you are also a great team player!!

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