Plymouth House Session 3 8/1

Plymouth made smores and listened to a story up at adventure crafts! They were all interested and excited listeners ! Plymouth house made smores and cooked them to a golden perfection. They then added crackers and of course chocolate! So good!! Today was tie dye! This group is a professional tie dyer. Some chose to wear their old tie dye shirts from previous weeks! They came out great! They are still very wet so they should go home tomorrow when they are dry. During adventure craft we asked the campers to pick up sticks to keep the fire going….Wyatt worked so hard to find wood and came back with the largest wood there was in the woods.! Thanks Wyatt for always thinking ahead. He wanted to make sure the next group of campers had enough wood to keep the fire going.Best moment of the day was Watching Ollie and Jase dance the afternoon away during our dance party.They really have great dance moves! Shout out to Jase for going down the slide into the pool! Wow that looked like so much fun! Followed by Ryan and Wyatt. Shout out to Xavier for being a good friend to Elsa at pool! You are great company and a good friend.


Tomorrow is Hawaiian day! Feel free to wear something tropical …bright colors anything!

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