Plymouth House Session 3 7/31

Today was double dare day! Campers dared to soak staff and ride a floaty bull in the pool. Today Plymouth House were doubled dared to throw water balloons at councelors as they tried to catch it with cymbles. The campers and all staff had lots of fun competing for points towards their Olympic team goal. Today at arts and crafts Plymouth house made ice-cream sundaes out of small cups, pom pom balls and foam. They looked so good…almost so good to eat! Favorite moment of the day was Watching Ethan swim in the pool with no noodle. He was so proud of himself! Also watching Summer persist on getting the mini golf ball in the hole. Persistence pays off!! Nice job! Tomorrow is tie dye day. Please bring in a white T shirt to dye or something else white…socks work well too.You can also wear a previous dyed shirt as well. A shout out to my brave bull riders in the pool…a floaty bull of course. James M. James C. Ryan and Wyatt ! You rode like champions!!! A kind moment of the day goes to Ryan sharing a toy with Elsa at swim. He thought she just might like to have it! So nice! Funny moment of the day  goes to Scarlett wiggling her toes as she shows me her amazing handstand in the pool!!

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