Plymouth House Session 3 7/30

Today was meet new campers for session 3 week 6. I know I can’t believe how fast this summer is going!!! Plymouth house participated in athletics today with their Olympic group.  At arts and crafts today Plymouth house made so sea shell ornaments. These would be great to hang on porches, rooms, windows etc. Favorite moment of the day was Enjoying all the campers showing off their swimming skills. They all did such a great job listening to the directions of the swim instructor. Shout out to all the Plymouth campers.  Tomorrow is Double Dare day. We are going to play some games and earn extra points for our Olympic teams. A shout out to Jacob for introducing himself to a new friend. Great job!!! Xavier a shout out to you for throwing away garage that was not yours and volunteering to do it!!! Great team effort. You earned a point for your Olympic team!!! Jase a shout out to you for listening right away when the leaders where giving out directions! You also earned an extra point for your Olympic team. All these positive things can earn extra points for any campers Olympic team. Nice job Plymouth house friends!!

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