Plymouth House Session 2 Day 9

Plymouth House watched a play put on by the bigger kids, ” Beauty and the Beast.” The kids were such good listeners and were amazed by their performance!! What a great play!!! Annabella sang out loud with the performers during Beauty and the Beast! She knew all the words! Nice! The kids made snails at arts and crafts today! They used glue, beads, and stickers to create colorful snails! Today was Show is your talent! Our Plymouth campers are loaded with talent…singing, jokes, acting, fidget spinning, dancing…So proud! During the talent show Abigail told Leila she will be sharing the microphone with her!! Favorite moment of the day was listening to campers proudly share their special talents with all of us. Tomorrow is Carnival day!! Oh I can’t wait for all the games and fun!! Don’t forget cook and sundaes! Hot dogs, burgers, chips, and salad for all to enjoy.

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