Plymouth House Session 2 Day 8

This morning we went up into the woods to play a big game of hide and seek. The kids had a great time! We had three rounds in which Nora, Elsa, and Leila were victorious. After our snack today, our campers tie dyed shirts. The shirts looked great! Today was Pajama Day. Many of our campers showed up in their pajamas, such as James M. and Cooper. The best moment of the day was when the campers played “Simon says” at swim lessons. In addition, they learned how to do a back float and they worked a swimming from one side of the pool to the other. Tomorrow we have “That’s incredible Thursday” where campers will be able to show their various skills to all of their friends.  Joe was very brave today when he was driving the cars at Lower Divide. At first, he seemed a little nervous and unsure as to whether he wanted to drive. However, once he decided that he wanted to drive, he was extremely focused and did a tremendous job. While at lower divide, Aria really wanted to drive one of the cars. Unfortunately, there was only one car left and two campers wanted to drive it. Aria said that she would let another camper drive and would wait until another spot opened up. Today after snack, many of our campers started playing tag with the CITs. Soon after, the campers resorted to chasing the CITs around for a good 10-12 minutes.

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