Plymouth House Session 2 Day 7

Plymouth house went on a tractor ride and played a great game of mini golf. Yay for Wyatt who got two holes in one! WOW! Th kids made big strokes and amazing listening during swim lesson today! Due to circumstances out of our control we could not do Tie Dye today but will do it tomorrow. No worries! The campers were flexible and went with the flow. Kind moment of the day was Listening to all the campers sing Happy Birthday to Ellery! Such kind campers.  Tomorrow is PJ day! Wear your favorite pajamas, slippers, etc. Brave camper goes to Annabella! Shout out for being the first in the pool today! Especially when you were not sure how cold it was!  Kind moment of the day was when Wyatt asked if a friend was okay when you thought she had a bump. Always thinking of others. It was so cool to see Joe, Abigail and Scarlett sail down our amazing slip and slide! Their expression were priceless! No fear there!!

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