Plymouth House Session 2 Day 5

Today Plymouth played at lower divide.  The kids got to play on the electric cars, play drip drip drop, and shoot some hoops! There was so much great great sportsmanship I have to shout out all the Plymouth House campers!! So proud of all of you!! Plymouth house made lots of splashing kicking during swimming lessons today! I was so proud of all the Plymouth campers getting in the water and doing their best swim stroke! Today was a great cookout day! We enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and salad!! Big appetites after a nice swim! My favorite moment of the day was watching Jase make a new friend today, Joseph! Also watching Ellery teach drip drip drop to other campers! Shout out to Maya! Loved how you got into the pool with friends for our red light green light swim game! Proud of you!  A kind moment of the day was when Jesse got out of the car to let Kristina in! So kind! Aria, Antonella, Anaabella, Abigail, Elsa, Bria, Nora, Kristina, Ellery, so helpful cleaning up.  A funny thing that happened today was when Jase was playing basketball swooshing several balls in! He yells in excitement! “Susanna, tell my mom and dad I am a basketball star!!” Wyatt said “Wow.” Logan A. can you tell my Mom too!! Such group excitement!

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