Plymouth House Session 2 Day 4

Today was 80’s day!! We listened to 80’s rockin music, enjoyed crazy bright colors with neon headbands.We played games that were popular in the 80’s and enjoyed all the outfits staff and campers wore today. Plymouth played an 80’s game called kicked the can. Oh it was a lot of fun watching the kids wonder why they kicked a can then ran. Plymouth house was busy making 80’s pac man plates and neon colored sunglasses,which was the biggest craze back in the 80’s. They also added on sparkled gems to add to the shine and glitter of their sunglasses. A funny thing that happened today was Milo said,”what happens when we mix blue and yellow?” Maybe a mustard color was replied. Milo said,” Was that a color in the 80’s?  Tomorrow is cookout! Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, salad, and juice. Don’t forget ice-cream sundaes too! Brave camper shout out goes to Joseph for starting off our kick the can game!!  Kind moment of the day was when Bria offered her help pushing another friend on the swing and also complimented another friend on how beautiful her bathing suit was. Finally, Plymouth made these cool sunglasses today and was able to paint them. The eyes were not your typical eyes…they were slim slits that the kids could remove the cardboard. The kids kept saying, “Do people in the 80’s have smaller eyes or see differently/”

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