Plymouth House Session 1 Day 4

Plymouth house had a dance party during our thunderstorm party, inside of course. We also played a game called Black Magic. The kids were puzzled how our counselors could guess which objects we were thinking of.  The Plymouth house kids made snake spinners beautifully creative designs. We also made Fruit Loop necklaces!Some of the Fruit Loops did not quite make it to the end of the day. Today was camo day. It was great seeing all the camo shorts, shirts, and hats. Watching all the Plymouth campers fully engaged in stringing their Fruit Loops through the string! Very impressed! Tomorrow is cookout with ice-cream sundaes! Hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, chips, and a drink. A shout out to Logan H and Finny for sharing their dino and insect facts with our group at lunch today! I never knew so much about bugs! Maya so brave when you heard the thunder…way to keep on dancing! The Plymouth group learned the chicken dance today!! See if they can dance it for you at home or just some of it.

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