Plymouth House Session 1 Day 3

Plymouth house went on a bug hunt at Adventure Craft.The campers had a blast with their hand held bug vacuums. The searched under logs and rocks for critters and they flew into the vacuum. Each camper got a stamp for every bug they captured! So fun! Each camper made amazing Tie Dye shirts!! Some had many mixed colors and designs. They had so much fun wrapping rubber bands around and dipping it into some red,yellow, or green dye.Everyday is special here at camp but Tie Dye shirts was a huge hit for the kids. They were able to discover what colors mixed together make different colors! Our favorite moment at camp was introducing our new Plymouth camper Wyatt to our group. The kids were so excited to have a new friend at camp! Tomorrow is Camo day! were anything camo or something that helps you blend into your environment! Can’t wait for another fun filled day!!!


It will be VERY rainy tomorrow. Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear. If it doesn’t thunder or lightening then we try to play out in the rain as much as we can.

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