Plymouth House Session 1 Day 2

Plymouth group made made flower thermometers out of foam pieces! They will be coming home tomorrow!Then we had some time to play in the playgroung before swim. The kids made and created different dance moves during music activities.The also made up rhyming words to sound like Susanna.Banana was a big hit and they got a laugh out of it.  Today was Earth day. We noticed all the beauty around camp; trees, goats, campers,and lots of green grass. When all the Plymouth campers gave a nice shout out to Elsa our new camper. Tomorrow is Tie Dye Day!!! Can’t wait to see all those different colors in your shirts .  Elsa was brave as today was her first day at camp.She did great and was smiling soon after arrival!!!  Milo introduced himself to Elsa.That really made her feel better . Plymouth group was amazing at freeze dance today! Everyone was on the floor dancing their best moves to the music!But I have to say twirling with Finny was my most memorable moment.That was unexpected and awesome at the sametime!!

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