Plymouth House Session 1 Day 1

The Plymouth house did many things this morning but one thing we did was swim in the pool. It was so refreshing and fun! Some campers splashed around from one side to the other while others showed us their swimming styles. So fun!  At arts and crafts this morning Plymouth House made beaded bracelets with a wide variety of colors. When they were finished they wore it all day. They also painted several different pictures, like a dog, a tiger or a bird.Each painted picture was sent home in their backpacks today. First day of camp. The Plymouth house meet all the other Plymouth House campers. All the children were so excited to start camp and meet new kids. My favorite moment of the day is when the campers noticed our two goats. Almost all at once did the kids shout out “hello goats!” They want to name them now. Tomorrow is Earth day! We are going to notice all the greenery, trees and beautiful surroundings this camp has. Brave camper of the day goes to Lizzie! Great job going down the third step in the pool and smiling the entire time!!!!! Kind moment of the day goes to When Nora stayed by Lizzie’s side as she was making her way down the pool steps.!! What a nice friend moment! So I have been trying to come up with new ways for Plymouth House campers to remember my name. Every time we got on the golf cart to drive to our next activity I would break out singing ” Oh Susanna.” I may not carry a tune but nobody cared and enjoyed the song..  Tomorrow we will make sure to have your Welcome Packet in your backpacks!

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