Pine Notch Session 4 8/13

This morning we had arts and crafts where we had a lot of crafts to do. Then we had 1620 where we played basketball, video games, ping pong and air hockey.  Today the kids made fuse beads, beaded bracelets and spinner CDs. Spinner CDs are painted with glue and glitter on them to hang up. Today is the first day of the last week! Our favorite moment of the day was playing at lower divide with Shady Woods and Maple Ridge. The kids got to play Gaga ball, 9-square, basketball and ride the bikes/cars. Tomorrow is Country Western day. We can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in their country gear. Kind moment of the day goes to Peter for cleaning up trash to earn first popsicle today. We got to play Gaga ball with Shady and Maple during enrichment and we did a good job keeping up with the older kids.


Reminder that the weather might be rainy like today. Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear! We always have fun in the rain but we always get wet 🙂

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