Pine Notch Session 3 Day 2

This morning we had a fun time playing games at 1620 house. Then we played soccer, mini golf, and basketball at athletics. The kids didn’t make anything today but we got to pick blueberries and put on temporary tattoos. Today was tattoo Tuesday, we put on temporary tattoos after free swim! My favorite moment of the day was going for a hike in the woods during adventure craft. Tomorrow is fiesta day! We will have a pinata and hopefully, we will be able to cook frito burritos! Kind moment of the day goes to Erik for bringing in lollipops for his 8th birthday, happy birthday Erik!! Today during adventure craft we all went for a hike to the blueberry patch and picked berries. The kids said they were the best blueberries they’ve ever had, hopefully, we will go back up there soon!

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