Pine Notch Session 2 Day 6

This morning we had arts and crafts with a lot of stuff to do. Today the kids had a lot of options at arts and crafts. We made pony bead keychains, gods eyes and other things. Kind moment of the day was when we were at arts and crafts and everyone was helping everyone with their crafts. At arts or sports the kids made wooden boxes that they will decorate next time. Today wasn’t a special day, just welcome back or welcome to PDC! My favorite moment of the day today was playing revenge dodgeball with Chaz at athletics.  Something awesome some of us did today was play on the new mini golf course, which we haven’t touched yet this summer!  Tomorrow is tye-dye day, bring something white to tye-dye!


Tomorrow’s weather might involve rain. Please pack rain gear and some dry clothes just in case!

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