Pine Notch Session 2 Day 5

We started out the morning at Project Adventure.  At PA we did relay races and fun competitive challenges.  After Project Adventure we went to Arts and Crafts. Today the kids made gimp keychains, bracelets and fuze beads. The special day today was cookout! We had burgers, hotdogs and sundaes. During lunch before sundaes, we all got together and played predator and prey. One camper stands in the empty fire pit and closes their eyes while everyone else hides and they try to find the hiding campers. It was a blast.  My favorite moment of the day was eating sundaes with all the campers. A kind camper today was Brynn who brought in cupcakes for everyone for her 8th birthday! Happy birthday, Brynn! Kind moment of the day was when Daniel helped Hayden walk to swim after he fell and scraped his knee.

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