Pine Notch Session 2 Day 3

This morning we music and arts and crafts by the pavilion and the goats.  At lower arts and crafts the kids made a banner signed with everyone’s name and hand prints to hang up at the site. We also decorated visors! Today was water games day, the weather wasn’t too hot for water games so we just enjoyed our time at the pool for lessons in the morning and free swim in the afternoon. My favorite moment of the day was at music where we got to use the big parachute to throw balls up in the air and create a dome where everyone got to sit inside. Tomorrow is back to the 80’s! Dress like you would if you lived in the 80’s and we will see who has the best outfit! Brave camper shout out today goes to Claire for learning how to start the box stitch and helping other kids start! Thank you Claire! Kind moment of the day was when all the kids helped clean up this morning at arts and crafts and music. Something fun that happened today was when we got to play Gaga ball with the older group White Pines! The kids all played very well and despite the age gap, Pine Notch stood their ground.

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