Pine Notch Session 2 Day 2

We had a great morning this morning. We started off at 1620, a camper favorite. Then we went to the courts to ride the cars and played Gaga ball for athletics. The kids didn’t make any crafts today but after lunch we had adventure craft where we made dough-boys! Dough-boys are Pillsbury dough, cooked over the fire and sprayed with butter and rolled in cinnamon and sugar! Today was hat and shades day. Everyone wore their awesome sunglasses and hats. My favorite moment of the day was when we went from eating dough-boys, to eating popsicles, to double swim! Tomorrow’s special day is water world Wednesday. We will spend all day playing water games so bring an extra bathing suit and towel! Brave camper shout out goes to Rocco for getting stung by a bee during Gaga ball and not crying! After that, his friend Stephen won the next game of Gaga ball for him. Shout out to Rocco and Stephen!!Kind moment of the day was when everyone helped pick up sticks for firewood during adventure craft.  Something funny today was when the kids all pig-piled on top of the counselors while we were eating popsicles.

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