Pine Notch Session 1 Day 8

Today our camps special day was Mad Scientist Day, it was fun to see some campers whip out a lab coat and become scientists for a day. This morning we had an extra long swim lesson so we could stay cool and refreshed because of the heat. Following our swim lessons we made our way to Arts and Sports where we made Red, White, and Blue painted flags! We then made our way up to Adventure Craft and here we brought out our inner scientist once again and made Solar Ovens! We then cooked S’mores we were all surprised to see what the sun could do in such a short amount of time. Our favorite moment of the day was cooking food with Jason in our homemade solar ovens. Our kind moment of the day was when Eleanor helped pick up all the rings to a ring toss game we played. Tomorrow is Red, White, and Blue Day! We will be making three teams to compete against each other. So bring out your American spirit! May the best team win. Tomorrow is also a cookout so no need for a lunch we will provide them.

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