Pine Notch Session 1 Day 3

This morning we stayed at middle and had lower arts and crafts and music. At music we got to play musical hoops where Michelle played music and everyone danced around until the music stopped then you had to jump in a hula hoop. Today at lower arts and crafts the kids made coasters. They painted the edge of a frame and filled it in with colorful tiles. The special day today was tye-dye day. At 1620 we got to tye-dye our shirts! All of the shirts came out really well. My favorite moment of the day was doing tye-dye because all of the kids couldn’t wait to dye their clothing. Tomorrow is camo day but it will be wet, so bring extra dry clothes and dress appropriately for the rain!!! Kind moment of the day was when the kids helped the other groups pick up their popsicle trash. A really interesting thing that happened today was at lunch, 2 of our girls found a jumping egg! We brought it up to Jason at adventure craft and we still couldn’t figure out what it was but all of the kids were so intrigued by it.

it will be VERY rainy tomorrow. Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear. If it doesn’t thunder or lightening then we try to play out in the rain as much as we can.

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