Pine Notch Session 1 Day 2

This morning we played dodgeball and did archery with Chaz at athletics. Another favorite game we played was kickball. Today was Earth Day! We made “dirt dessert” which consists of chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms. My favorite moment of the day was during Adventure Craft we got to clean our campsite in hopes of winning the cleanest campsite! Tomorrow is tye-dye day, so bring something white to tye-dye! Today’s brave camper shoutout goes to Alex P. for getting stung by a bee 3 times and didn’t cry! The kind moment of day was when one of the boys helped a camper in a lower group get his towel over the fence during swim. Today something fun that happened was during enrichment some of the campers went to Project Adventure and we used the low elements. Today we did the Triangle Traverse where the kids walked across a cable wire while holding a rope and they try to go all the way across the triangle. We also did the Peanutbutter Pit where the kids were all on one platform and swung by a rope to the next platform.

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