Pine Notch Session 1 Day 1

This morning we started off at arts and crafts where the kids and then we had arts or sports which was very popular due to the game Gaga ball. Gaga ball is definitely one of the campers favorite games to play. Today the kids made a bunch of different crafts. At arts and crafts we made beaded bracelets and memory books that you can decorate and put pictures in and at arts or sports we worked with clay! Today was Welcome to PDC! The first day of camp where you didn’t have to dress up, just bring your excitement and enthusiasm! My favorite moment of the day was when we all sat down in a circle at athletics and played a get-to-know each other game. We passed the ball around and everyone said their name, favorite farm animal and favorite ice cream flavor. Tomorrow is Earth Day! So, wear your earth colors and get ready to have fun. Today’s brave camper shout out goes to Joshwell for trying something new at enrichment where we got to build our own mini fire with flint and steel! Despite wanting to go to 1620 where everyone else was, he made the hike up with us to try something new.  The kind moment of the day was when a camper from a different group helped one of my campers start the box stitch when he couldn’t do it himself. A funny thing that happened today was when we all learned new facts about each other at athletics and then played Gator ball all together.

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