Pilgrim House Session 4 Day 3

This morning we had music and the kids got to use different instruments such as drums, bells, clappers and triangles and then we had a parade! After that the kids did a scavenger hunt and found treasure (candy) and the “pirates” took all of the kids lunch boxes and the kids had to hunt around and look for them! Then the kids had cheese its and lemonade for snack! The kids got tattoos during art and they painted pre-made paint pictures that they will bring home! Today was pirate day, we made a scavenger hunt and had pirate tattoos! We loved seeing some of the kids dressed up! Our favorite moment of today was double swim, the kids love swimming and splashing around in the pool. It also rained while the kids were at second swim and they thought it was fun to swim while it was raining! Tomorrow is crazy hair and sock day! Brave camper shoutout goes to Addison who put her whole face under water. A kind moment was when Connor held the door open for the class, he loves holding the door! The counclers showed the kids how they could jump rope and the kids were laughing and smiling! They they tried it, they are good at it!

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