Pilgrim House session 4 8/15

This morning we had music and the kids made puppets and candles! Then with the extra time, the kids had a dance party and got to use the colorful wands. The kids decorated a plastic cup and then they filled it with dirt and added grass seeds! The kids can water them at home and watch them grow! Today was earth day, the kids had dirt desert for snack. Vanilla pudding, oreas and gummy worms. Our favorite moment of the day was watching the older kids put on their show! Tomorrow is camp challenge day, we will play games as a camp and and compete in fun challenges!! Brave camper shoutout goes to the whole group for going in the big pool! Kind moment of the day goes to the group for doing a good job listening to the older kids during their performance! We had double swim today! The kids would swim all day if they could!

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