Pilgrim House Session 4 8/14

This morning we went in the woods and the kids made smores! We also went on a nature walk.  The kids will have arts and crafts at the end of the day, so when they get home ask them what they made. They might be able to bring them home today or tomorrow. Today was western day, the kids who dressed up looked great! We saw people throughout the day in other groups and they looked good as well! We had country music playing all day, we went on an extra long tractor ride and the kids took a picture in front of wanted sign. So cute and funny! Check them out in the photo gallery online.  Our favorite moment of the day was playing inside when it rained, the kids had a dance party, did beads, got to draw or watch the older kids practice there show. It was a good change for the kids but we also had fun outside when the rain held off. The rain will never stop us from having fun. Tomorrow is earth day! We will have a special snack and you can dress up if you want! Kind moment of the day goes to the group for listening to the counclers and singing our group song as best as they could. The kids liked exploring in the woods today, seeing the zip line, the big rocks and following the path!

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