Pilgrim House Session 3 Day 5

This morning we had athletics, the kids played fishy fishy cross my ocean and doctor dodge ball. We also had time to play no trash in my yard and archery was open for those who wanted to do it. The kids made anything they wanted out of model magic at arts and crafts and they could color it and add gems. Today was cookout Friday, everyone enjoyed the provided lunch! Our favorite moment of the day was the sundaes after lunch, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, oreo’s, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Yummy! Have a good weekend, see most of you next week. Kind moment of the day is when Issac held the door open for us as we walked inside! Something funny that happened today is when a councler was taking down a sign from one of the tents and the tarp had water on it and came crashing down and went right on the counselor!

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