Pilgrim House Session 3 Day 3

This morning we had music and the kids got to make sombrero’s out of paper plates and cups! They also got to decorate them with glitter and pom poms. The kids also got to make bead bracelets, have them show you when they get home! Today was fiesta day, the kids had chips and salsa for lunch! We were surprised on how many of the kids liked salsa. We also did a pinata and we took some awesome pictures, check them out! Our favorite moment of the day was being able to go outside for most of the day. The rain was on and off but it did not stop us from having fun! Tomorrow is sports day! Come in your favorite sports gear! Brave camper shoutout goes to Keagan for showing me how he can put his face in the water! He can do it with and without googles! The counselors think it is funny that during lunch how quickly and exited the kids run to the milk golf cart to get milk during lunch! They love it!

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