Pilgrim House Session 3 Day 2

This morning we had music and the kids danced and sang to the music. They also got to use ribbon wands and twirl around with them! At the end, they got to go on the playground, since they all participated and listened! The kids will make something at the end of the day during arts and crafts, check with them about what they made! They might bring them home tomorrow if the craft has to dry. Today was tattoo Tuesday, check out the tattoo’s your children got. Some got butterfly’s, bugs and or sharks! Our favorite moment of the day was 1620, were the children can play video games, play air hockey, ping pong, and indoor basketball. Tomorrow is fiesta day, your child is more than welcome to dress up but we will also have some fun things to do and eat to match the theme! Brave camper shoutout goes to Micha for getting braver in the cold pool water today! He is close to feeling comfortable to go under. Best chill moment of the day was when the kids have popsicles on this hot day today and going in the pool.

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