Pilgrim House Session 3 7/31

This morning we had athletics and the children played some games to get points for their olympic teams! They had to find a penny in a bucket filled with shaving cream, they had to find a small ball within bigger balls in a baby pool and they throw a water balloon at their group councilor and they wanted their councilor to pop it with a symbol instrument and break it. Some of them got wet and the kids thought it was funny. The kids have arts and crafts later today so what they make today will be a surprise until they get home. Some of the children will bring their candles they made yesterday home today if they did not yesterday. Today was double dare Tuesday! Our favorite moment of the day was riding on the water bull! Many laughs! Tomorrow is tie dye day, wear or bring something to dye! Brave camper shoutout goes to Arina for trying the snack today, the kids had cookies! Ask your child what milk they get at lunch! They love running to the cart and getting chocolate or regular milk.

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