Pilgrim House Session 2 Day 9

This morning the children had a tractor ride and for snack, they had saltines and cheese cubes!  Today was talent show day, we got to watch a play that the older groups put on and we got to show our talents off to each other! We also performed at lower camp and some of us were brave to participate! The counselors favorite moment of the day is seeing children get better at swimming! Soon some of them will be able to go on the diving board and water slide that goes into the pool! Tomorrow’s special day is carnival day and cookout day! We will have a dunk tank, face paint, sundaes, hamburgers and hot dogs! Brave camper shouts out goes to Lily, Cayden, Caleb, Olivia and Savannah for swimming in the deep end of the pool. All the other children will get there soon!

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