Pilgrim House Session 2 Day 3

We had music this morning and the children were able to sing and dance! They also got to use the hula hoops or use the new giant disks and they got to try to throw them as far as they could! Bubbles was also an option, the bubbles were huge! The kids got to make visors today and they were able to color and decorate them! We also had all the children draw pictures and make a hand print for our tent banner, come check it out! Today was water Wednesday and the children played drip, drip drop and had fun in the pool. Out favorite moment of the day was playing some new games during athletics, the children got to run around and get some energy out. Tomorrow is back to the 80’s day, try to dress up if you can! A kind moment of the day was when Bryce helped the counselors and the arts and craft teacher by picking up the markers and stickers off the ground for the next group! Ask your child to sing the camp song or part of it as we’ve been practicing and they are getting better and better at remembering them!

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