Pilgrim House Session 1 Day 7

Today we started off the morning with a long  tractor ride! Afterwards we did archery with Allen the “Tractor Guy”.  The kids loved using the Nerf bow and arrows, and all of the campers got  really good at it!  Today at music the children learned new songs!  The Moose song and The Pilgrim Day Camp song are our favorites.  The PDC song is always a hit becuse we get to yell out our group name at the end really loud.  The campers had a lot of fun singing and dancing around and playing freeze dance.  Tonight count “123” to your child and see if they remember what to say after.  We used the rhythm drumsticks and made up patterns and even beats to songs. Then we played a fun round of Indian chief. Today was town pride day. We got to learn where everyone was from. It was cute to hear the campers explain where they live!  We also had an extra swim time and got to go on the slip and slides because it was so hot. This day was extra special!  Tomorrow is the Fourth of July so there is no camp……rest up, eat good food, and stay cool!

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