Pilgrim House Session 1 Day 3

Today was a really fun day. We had music and had a dance party!The children made tie dye shirts today and tile frames! Today was tie dye day and they got to tie dye shirts or what they brought in and they will be able to bring them home tomorrow! Favorite moment of the day is seeing all of the children going in the pool, they are starting to get more adventurous. Shoutout to the whole group for playing well together today! A kind moment of the day was when Juniper got a bar bell for Savannah and helped encourage her to go in the water! Ask your child about what they had for snack today, it went along with the idea of tie dye.

Tomorrow is camo day, wear something camo if you can. Although it will be VERY rainy tomorrow.  Please bring extra dry clothes and rain gear. If it doesn’t thunder or lightening then we try to play out in the rain as much as we can.

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