Pilgrim House Last Day of Camp

Sad this is the last blog! What s fantastic last day!! And made it through the day without rain!! First thing we all sang our group song – we are “pilgrim in the USA”! Started off the day with a dance party color run. So many colors and so many laughs! Then we had our last tractor ride of summer 2017. Then off to swim we went. After lunch we headed back to the yellow and white tent for our last super delicious cookout – thanks Deb for all the times you had to grill outside on the heat!! After lunch we played around our sites then off to Gaga ball for one last round. Face painting and sundaes to end this great summer. Great group pilgrim house was can’t wait to see you all back next year around camp! Take care my little pilgrim friends and have a great school year!! Love, Daphne and the Pilgrim House Crew

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